3 Day Free Sample - Moringa & Friends Specialty Tea
  • 3 Day Free Sample - Moringa & Friends Specialty Tea


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Thinking about getting your feet wet in the herbal tea drinking game? Want to try some sensational specialty tea? Well now you can. FOR FREE.

Have yourself a free 3 day supply of herbal tea on us.

This 3 day sample will include 3 bags of our specialty blend, Moringa & Friends which includes Moringa, Hyssop, & Stevia.

This blend has a large amount of health benefits from just the moringa alone. Plus it is extremely relaxing.

This sample is free, you'll pay only the cost of shipping and handling (postage fee calculated at checkout by USPS).

We've been very blessed with an abundant supply of Moringa growing on our land, and the Lord has directed our steps towards making it more available to others in need of this healing miracle herb.

So here it is. Our blessing, is your blessing.

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