About Us


Hello all, and welcome to PRAYBIOTICS.COM, the industry's first fully HOLY, fully HOLISTIC herbal healing company.

My name is Christian Farquharson, and I am the founder and steward of this herbal healing ministry.

To state it boldly, reaching a world in dire need of healing and providing various seekers with organic natural handcrafted methods of healing is my ultimate goal.

I started PRAYBIOTICS, LLC to show onlookers & seekers a better pathway and to lead them to a lifestyle that promotes general wellness and overall well-being.

I, myself, have worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2014. I have formulated, compounded, mixed, & sold many medications to plenty of patients in need of healing. Unfortunately, it was only to see them become recurring customers, as the pharmacy & healthcare industry primarily only concerns itself with offering temporary treatments rather than complete healing.

I've seen many patients come in with one diagnosis and after taking a medication a while, returning with side effects that have led to another diagnosis. Because of my experiences, I quickly grew tired of working in an industry the sought after its own financial gain more than the health benefit of others.

Though I am licensed and registered in many states to practice and work within the pharmaceutical industry, and though I am very well versed in the directives and compositions of western medicine, I desire to be more and to do more with the understanding and the knowledge I've been given.

So, hence, PRAYBIOTICS, LLC was birthed.

As a first-generation & self-taught herbalist, I sought to bring PRAYBIOTICS to life with the innate goal of targeting and treating specific conditions, ailments, and illnesses using various plants, roots, flowers, herbs, seeds, and most importantly prayers.

I want us to get back to the natural, non-man-made way of life as it concerns our overall health & well-being.

Due to the immense power of prayer, all orders are prayed over while processing and purchasers are prayed for during and even after orders have been fulfilled.

Yes, I know you can just have a nice look around our site to see all that we have to offer you but while I have you here I'd like to briefly tell you about a few highlights of our site.

In our shop you can find all sorts of things, from herbal teas for drinking, herbal bath teas for soaking, herbal lip balms for smoothing, and many more awesome handcrafted herbal healing items.

If you don't see something you like already available, that's fine too, because we offer custom orders. So feel free to submit your custom order request absolutely free of charge.

Lastly, my favorite feature is the prayer request feature which allows visitors to submit their personal prayer request (or requests for others) privately and of course for free.

There is so much to do and see on PRAYBIOTICS.COM and we're glad you're here to experience it all yourself.

Here's to Holy Holistic Healing!

Don't forget to pray, sip, and be blessed!

- Christian (Founder of Praybiotics)