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Custom Blend Your Herbal Tea

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Please select your choice blend! Build your perfect herbal tea, maximum 5 herbs.
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Do you want your tea presweetened with stevia leaf or would you prefer to sweeten it yourself (honey, sugar, etc).
All custom blends are loosely prepared, however we will provide you with our branded teabags if needed. Free of charge.
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Add some fresh dried ginger root to any of your blends. Our dried ginger root is packaged separately so that the desired amount can be added to your tea when steeping.

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Build your own custom blend, made with your choice of ingredients! You pick the herbs and how you'd like it prepared and we'll do the preparing! Let us do the hard work for you.

Want an ingredient that isn't listed? Reach out to us and we'll see if we can get it in stock

Our custom blends are available in 1 week, 2 week, & 1-month supplies.

Custom blends are prepared as loose leaf teas, but you will receive our branded tea bags according to your supply size, if needed.

So come on, let's get building!

How to use

Steep your tea in 8 to 12 ounces of boiling water. The more water used the less potent the tea, per 1 tsp of herbs. The less water, the more potent the tea, both in effectiveness and in flavor.

Steep time varies by blend but will range anywhere from 4-7 minutes (see directions on packaging).

Add additional flavors if desired (sugar, lemon slice, honey, etc).

Allow tea to cool prior to drinking.

Remember, pray, sip, and enjoy.


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No matter if you're looking for a wellness tea or something more "fun" and flavorful, we've got them in store for you.

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