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Flavored Tea Blends | Fruit Tea & Flower Tea | All Organic Ingredients

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Deliciously flavored, handcrafted with organic ingredients. 

14 servings of herbal tea can be made from one packet.

Caffeinated flavors:

Blackberry Tea: (china black tea, organic assam tea, organic blackberry leaf, and organic flavor)

Peach White Tea: (organic shu mee white tea and organic peach flavor)

Passion Fruit Tea: (organic black tea, organic assam, organic calendula petals, and organic flavor)

Jasmine Tea: (organic green tea and organic jasmine flowers)

Non-caffeinated flavors:

Mango Tea: (organic ceylon tea, organic calendula petals, and organic mango flavor)

Lemon-Ginger: (organic lemongrass, organic ginger root, organic lemon peel, organic peppermint leaf, organic licorice root, and organic stevia leaf)

How to use

Steep your tea in 8 to 12 ounces of boiling water. The more water used the less potent the tea, per 1 tsp of herbs. The less water, the more potent the tea, both in effectiveness and in flavor.

Steep time varies by blend but will range anywhere from 4-7 minutes (see directions on packaging).

Add additional flavors if desired (sugar, lemon slice, honey, etc).

Allow tea to cool prior to drinking.

Remember, pray, sip, and enjoy.


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