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Authentic Wooden Honey Dippers

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Our honey dippers boast smooth surfaces, and no burrs, they are easy to clean and can be reused. Each dipper is made from 100% premium natural wooden materials. Our honey dippers are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and food-grade for safe use. After use, if you don't want to clean them, you can discard them without worrying about polluting the environment, OR wash and reuse them for sustainability!  

Our honey dippers measure 3 inches in length. They are great for use with 1 - 4 oz jars of honey or various handmade items. These adorable dippers have multipurpose use, they can be used for drizzling: •honey •maple syrup •black strap molasses •melted chocolate •caramel • or any viscous liquid 

They are also perfect for packing & styling with your own homemade honey, wedding/ party favors, or any craft project. Try them for only $0.75!



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