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Organic Oat Bath Mix - Skin Therapy 4oz

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Our organic oat bath features a beautiful, nourishing, luxurious blend of chamomile, lavender, ground oats, and rose petals. Great for softening and soothing, this soak will combat the worst of dry skin in a warm and indulgent bath that will leave your eczema and skin supple and soft. This organic oat bath is great for itchy skin & inflammation because it moisturizes dehydrated skin, combats dryness, and promotes healthy skin. Let this vitamin-rich bath blend smooth your skin after a long stress-filled day! 

Included: - 4oz of Organic Oat Bath (with jar or in bag) - 2 Mesh Bags

How to use

Add a desired amount of product into a hot bath, either pour in directly or fill a mesh bath bag.

Pray, soak, & relax.


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Recommended blend for a relaxing soak: Sip -N- Soothe Tea.

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